Is Your Strategy Too Much of a Secret? Engage Your People With These 3 Tips.

10 Sep No Comments Swati Bharteey-Buck blog, Business

“We spend all this money on fancy strategy meetings…why can’t we just do it? Where are the results?”

It’s disheartening how often I hear statements like this from clients. Unfortunately, what happens is something this…Excitement wanes. Messages get diluted. Fire drills trump. Shiny new projects distract.

There’s no doubt about it: execution is tough. It requires follow through, perseverance, and an obsessive focus on goals.

Here are 3 things you can do today to bring your strategy to life (hint, engage your people).

1. Get talking.
Remember that unbelievable high you felt when you and your fellow leaders came up with that strategy at your offsite? Now that you’re back at work, it’s your job to help everybody around you feel that same buzz. So get talking – and I mean everywhere. In meetings, in your 1:1’s…anywhere you have an audience. Ideally, you and your leadership team have agreed to the key 3 or 4 points your strategy is based on – repeat those in simple language. Most importantly, keep your energy UP because over 50% of communication is non-verbal. That means people are watching you even more than they are listening to you.

2. Connect the dots.
Now that you’ve started talking, make sure you’re incorporating words and scenarios that your audience can connect to. Why is this strategy important to them? What will it do for the company? What specifically must they do to bring it to life? Do they need more details – or different details? Add in personal anecdotes, ask those around you what they think, and check for understanding. Tailor your message so those listening can connect what you say to what they do every day. Your listeners must be able to imagine themselves being a part of it.

3. Do Your Part.
Actions speak louder than words. Talking energetically will get your people on board in the short-term. But you’re after sustainable momentum for the long haul, which means people have to see you doing your part. Ensure they have what they need to get the job done. Make decisions that support the new strategy. If you don’t have the right leaders in place, make changes. If anything gets in the way, address it. Show everyone that there is nothing more important than achieving your strategy.

Cheers to your leadership success –
HR Strategy | Executive Coach | Leadership Development

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