LeaderStage: Managers

LS-team-duo-500pxThe skills you develop at this pivotal stage drive your future success and the speed with which you will continue to advance. Contact us to discuss the offerings below further.

Key Offerings:


Leadership Accelerated

This customized program is designed to build leadership skills by focusing on the key 360-degree interactions managers and senior managers must successfully navigate.

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Business Advisory and Consulting Skills

For those seeking success in internal or external advisory roles, this course is a must. Build lasting business relationships and exceed client expectations.

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Executive Coaching Services

Studies show executive coaching yields an uptick in performance from the 50th percentile to the 93rd percentile for targeted behaviors. Consider 1:1 coaching or group coaching to fast track your leadership development.


Managing Your Career

This 2-hour workshop delivers proven advice and tools for successfully managing your career. We will explore promotions and careers, the art of reflection as a learning technique, and lessons from the field. Career development Planning Tool included.


Coaching Teams for Impact

Discover what’s possible when you know how to coach and develop your teams to deliver results. Our customized program includes ongoing advisory services to create sustained coaching skills.


Communication, Listening and Feedback

Success in these career critical skills becomes more critical as you become more senior. Our 4-hour workshop provides hands on practice with simple tools and concepts to help you improve your communication skills.

Common challenges addressed here:

The shift from individual contributor to management requires you to leverage others to accomplish work tasks and deliver products. It also requires that you lead successfully with a 360-degree view — that is, those above you, below you, and at your peer level. Some common questions at this stage are:
  • How can I successfully manage people?
  • How should I balance managing up and down?
  • How does the work of my team fit into the bigger picture?
  • What should I do differently now that I am in management?
  • What should my leadership style be and how do I continue to evolve it?
  • What should I do differently?
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